TBR Challenge–we love short shorts!

Sweetest Regret by Meredith Duran (Nov 2016) 51fyby-xwnl

Well, I’m starting the year off right by getting my TBR challenge done on time. Woohoo! To add to that sweetness, I really liked this novella. In fact I liked the novella so much I wished it had been a novel. That can be a knock against a shorter story and I will admit I wish this one had been fleshed out to a longer length because I enjoyed spending time with the hero and heroine.

Georgiana, the daughter of a diplomat/spymaster, and Lucas, said diplomat’s underling, hit it off two years ago. Both thought the other was unique and they enjoyed each other’s conversation. Georgiana thought things were heading toward a possible proposal when Lucas abruptly left town without even a goodbye.

Fast forward two years to a Christmas party at Georgiana’s father’s house. Her father has been entertaining some foreign diplomats and showing them the delights of an English Christmas when he’s suddenly called away. He leaves Georgiana to see to the guests but also to search their rooms to see if one of them stole some incriminating papers. As you can imagine, Georgie is less than thrilled about this task and even more so when Lucas shows up, sent by her father, to help her.

The romance between Georgiana and Lucas is sweet and they are both such earnest, honest characters that I was really rooting for them. Their efforts at putting on a holiday display for the guests and also searching for those damnable letters are an enjoyable read.

I easily guessed what it was that drove Lucas away from Georgiana in the past but that’s okay because I really admired the way Duran handled that at the end of the story. No spoilers, but it was gratifying to see this person’s deception handled in a realistic and meaningful way that didn’t excuse it.

It’s still January, so if you aren’t all holidayed out and are looking for a short, fun read, you won’t “regret” this one (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Two thumbs up from me!



3 thoughts on “TBR Challenge–we love short shorts!

  1. The trick is to pick the book you want to read for next month’s challenge now. That way if it doesn’t work out you have time to choose another. 🙂 Good luck!

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