A Spy’s Honor

A Spy's Honor_coverLOVE & LIES

At seventeen, Lady Claire Talbot thought she’d found her one true love. But after rescuing her from a dangerous situation, in undue haste he fled to the Continent instead of marrying her. Now, after years of suppressing her romantic side and honing her practicality, Claire is on the verge of an altogether convenient match.

A man of few words but much passion, Lord John Reyburn always regretted his decision to turn back from Gretna Green. Now, wounded in more ways than one, he is in the place—but not the position—to correct his mistake. His mission in England is to capture an assassin. And, so, one of His Majesty’s more unconventional spies, John must add yet a further deceit: cold indifference to Claire’s impending marital bliss. For unless sweet loyalty and devotion couple with suspicion and betrayal, nothing can make things right.

Praise for A Spy’s Honor

The Romance Reviews–“A SPY’S HONOR by Charlotte Russell is a breath of fresh air for Regency-era romance, weaving excitement beyond the general scandals of society in a game of cat-and-mouse with larger political implications. If you enjoy the world of the haut ton but want a little adrenaline with your frippery, A SPY’S HONOR is an excellent read.

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