TBR Challenge–Kicking It Old School

This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (2001)

A coworker recommended that I read Phillips’ Nobody’s Baby But Mine and so I did at the end of last year. I was intrigued by the young quarterback, Kevin, in that story and was thrilled to find he got his own book. This Heart of Mine in fact has almost the exact same premise as Nobody’s Baby. Despite that, I really loved it. I thought it was funny (at times LOL funny) and I was rooting for these characters to find the love they deserved. Kevin is now the starting quarterback for the Chicago Stars and he’s got a reputation as a player. Molly is the sister of the Stars owner. She’s a children’s book writer but has a troublesome little reckless streak running through her. She also has a crush on Kevin. When they end up at a family cabin on the same night, an “incident” occurs. (Let me pause to say that this incident is problematic and I can understand why some readers might stop reading at that point. However, the incident is addressed, not ignored, which I appreciated.) Molly ends up pregnant. Kevin, fearing he’ll be traded but also a good guy at heart, marries her. There is a ton of plot going on in the book but it’s all just absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed going back 17 years (!) to read this one.

For kicks, here are the old and new covers.

heart new  heart old