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Unforeseen circumstances drove Lord Trent and Lady Worley apart three years ago. Now a force of nature gives them one final chance to mend their broken hearts together—forever.

 Stranded with the Earl cover

Thomas, Lord Trent, was once the one bright spot in Lady Vivienne Denton’s dark life. But when she’s pushed to the brink of danger by her father, Trent is nowhere to be found. Instead, Lady Vivienne must accept the protective offer of his best friend, David. 

Three years on, Vivienne, now Lady Worley, is a widow and once more vulnerable to her father’s abuse. Taking matters into her own hands, she regretfully vows to leave England behind and start a new life. But first she must deliver her late husband’s final words to his old friend—Lord Trent. 

Battered by his friend’s betrayal and bruised by Vivienne’s humiliating rejection, Trent buried his love for both beneath a thick layer of cool aloofness. That detachment is sorely tested when Vivienne shows up at what was meant to be a peaceful retreat on the Dorset coast. His resolve is shattered completely when he and Vivienne are stranded by a fierce storm and then must confront the monster who calls himself her father.


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