His Diamond

At eighteen, Lady Amelia Colvin managed to find, and then lose, her one true love in a matter of days.  Lose being a euphemism for “he escaped with undue haste to the Continent at the first opportunity.”  After years of suppressing her romantic side and honing her practicality, she’s on the verge of marrying her good friend, for convenience’s sake.

Lord James Danforth, one of His Majesty’s more successful spies, returns to England after three years to capture a home-grown assassin.  A man of few words but much passion, he has always regretted his decision not to marry Amelia.  While tormented by her recent engagement, James is determined to behave as the proper gentleman is he—until he suddenly finds himself thrown into a triangle of romance, suspicion, and betrayal with Amelia and her fiancé.

As these two fiercely loyal individuals—he to his country, she to her friend—race to save the prime minister’s life, can they also reawaken their once burgeoning love and learn to trust one another?

Content warning: explosions and fire